A License is not required for a natural person.

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The information in the PDF here,


is all correct, as I have studied Law, Statute, Law Lord Reports and the O.E.D. epithetically and etymologically, for over thirty five years. I also study Law dictionaries, as I have learned the obfuscated changes within the dictionaries of Law and Statute, (Black’s, Halsbury’s, Webster’s, Bouvier’s, etc.) are pernicious; something which is a bastardisation of the English language, and is not accepted by a society, however un-educated, when they become aware of the deception. I am cognisant of the mistakes humans make, both fallaciously and emotionally, and knowing of the basic understanding by humans, who deem themselves intelligent, (axiomatically not possible with our evolution), I have learned to question everything, epistemologically speaking, as only then will I know because I learn.

Today, 2016, the human still behaves as it did one hundred years ago, and more; we were in the middle of the First World War, 1914 – 1918, so proffering knowledge such as time/space voidance would have this weaponised, as Oppenheimer had his knowledge weaponised. This cannot happen, so we need to learn before, what the Gods only learned afterwards, that truth, is the only way forwards.

If human beings would learn not to lie, cheat, kill, steal, build weapons of war, stop killing children, sorted out their religious nonsense, ( approximately 3,500 religions – they cannot all be correct – maybe one) and started to truly care, then we would progress, exponentially, both mentally and spiritually.

I give this commentary on Law and Statute to all who wish to proffer from truth, but like chess, if you do not know all the rules, then TPTB (The Powers That Be) will attempt to deceive you, literally, into acquiescing, so learn all this correctly.

This work has serious implication and ramifications, and I have not worked out all variables as to mitigation of this document’s usage, so this information needs to be used wisely.

You live under the rule of Elizabeth Windsor, so you have the right of common Law, and this is your freedom, as a right; common law is superior to, and anterior to, statute.

Please feel free to disseminate this work, but make sure to advise the need to understand all, as this is a game of chess by TPTB, (The Powers That Be), who do not let on, as to what the rules are!

So now you know.


All the best….

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